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Conifers are a diverse group of plants, ranging from tiny dwarf specimens to the tallest trees known. They date back to a time before flowering plants existed. They are mainly cone-bearing plants, the cones may appear to be like tiny berries or enormous cones that can be lethal if one lands on your head.

They are mostly evergreen and often have narrow needle-like leaves or leaf-scales. The foliage comes in a colour in tones of greens, blues and yellows. Some are variegated and some are a different colour in winter and summer.

Most conifers are very hardy with many being quite drought tolerant. The ground covering juniperus are often used in median strip planting on highways.

The dwarf or small growing conifers are a must in any rockery and are excellent for growing in tubs.

The medium growing conifers can form the backbone of a garden bed or can be used as a central specimen in a small garden.

The tall growing conifers can be used for background planting or specimens in large lawns or parks.

The ground covers can grow between or over rocks, down walls or just used as weed suppressants

One of the most popular uses of conifers is for screening out unwanted views. There are some very fast growers and most respond very well to trimming. Conifers have been used for hedges for centuries.

Another popular use is in narrow areas along driveways.