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Specimen & Large Growing Conifers
Cedrus atlantica

Many of the large growing conifers make wonderful lawn specimens, especially the Firs, Cedars and Spruces. Whilst some of these can be slow growing initially, once a substantial root system develops, the rate of growth increases greatly.

The tall growing cypress and thuja varieties can be used not only as lawn specimens, but also as screening plants. Most of these can be trimmed to form very attractive hedges.

Most of the deciduous conifers are tall trees. The generally have needle-like foliage, but the Ginkgos have leaves in the shape of Maidenhair Fern leaves.

Abies (Firs)
Cedrus (Cedars)
Cupressus (Cypress)
Picea (Spruce)
Pinus (Pines)
Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar)
Deciduous conifers 
Miscellaneous conifers